Hello neighbors,

We are very excited to have all of the flower bed work completed today! We thank you for your patience in getting this huge project finished as well as for your contribution through the special assessment that made it possible. As a mature neighborhood, we have a lot of plantings, systems, and structures that need extended maintenance as they age.  Without the special assessment, we would not have been able to complete this work to keep our neighborhood the beautiful place we all love, so thank you!

Here are a handful of other items to share with you from our last board meeting:

Community trees  – Removal of diseased trees
We are a mature neighborhood and with that comes trees that are reaching the end of their lives. We have seven Maple trees that have root rot along Windsong Way, two of which were taken down this spring and a dead Pine tree being removed in the next couple of weeks. We also have 15 Blue Spruce trees that have a disease called “Needle Cast”. They are being treated, but there is no fixing the damage that has already been done. This is an airborne disease so please check your trees as well and treat them if necessary.

Annual Meeting – Moving to October
We intend to move our annual meeting to October 2018 rather than February of 2019 so we are able to discuss any significant projects and get approval on the budget for the coming year prior to the start of the year.  The exact date will be announced soon but it will still be at the Wine Bistro.

Annual Block Party – Save the Date 
Just a reminder our annual block party is planned for September 8th. We have booked the same food truck we had last year but we still need some volunteers to help organize the bike parade, other yard games, and potentially set up a screen and projector to watch the game… Please reach out if you can volunteer time to help organize any of the events!

Security Cameras at the entrance
The security cameras have been installed at the Gatehouse and capture all cars and people going in or coming out of our neighborhood so if you have any car break-ins or similar issues please contact us and we retrieve the footage and supply it to the authorities.

Book Club
Our book club is meeting every 2nd Monday at 7 PM and always welcoming new members. To join the conversation please reach out to Renee Shea or Lynn Hickey.

Lastly – please watch your speed coming down Windsong way
We are a large community without sideways on many of the roads. There are a lot of children playing and people walking their pets, especially in these warm months. Please be careful and courteous coming in and out of the neighborhood and ask the same of your teen drivers.