Hello Neighbors,

One month down and only two more to go (hopefully) until it starts feeling like spring.  We can be thankful for no major snowstorms.

Snow Storms:
Shearer Landscape will be plowing our roads when there are 2” of snow or more.  Salting is done after plowing IF the temperatures are anticipated to remain low to prevent slipping and ice buildup. Salt is not applied if temperatures are anticipated to raise above freezing or if temperatures are forecasted to be below zero as salt is less effective. All salting is done based on the forecast.

The possibility of snow and the early nightfall/late sunrise makes for challenging driving at times. Please help to keep our neighborhood streets as clear as possible by putting your trash and recycle cans away as soon as you can after pick-up.  Many have to sit in the street and often blow over when empty, landing in the middle of the street. This makes it difficult for the school buses to get through when it is still dark in the early morning. Thanks for your help.

With no street lights in our neighborhood and the long dark nights, please keep on some exterior lights.  Lamp posts coach lights are to be on.  Other exterior lights as long as they are not shining in your neighbor’s house can be on.

Landscaping Update:
Even in the winter, landscaping needs are taking place. Russell removed the last of the diseased blue spruce trees at the entrance to Sanctuary Drive, as well as ground the stumps. They also removed the honey locust to prevent its surface roots from damaging the stone wall. It was pointed out by Benchmark Landscape (our new landscapers), Russell Tree, and Rine Landscape that these roots were extending beyond the wall and into the landscape bed on Sanctuary Drive. The concern was that the roots would damage the integrity of the stone wall, thus causing an expensive fix. In March, Rine Landscape will plant three Kousa Dogwoods behind each wall, and amend the soil there and other areas where stumps were ground. This concludes Phase 1 of the tree project.  Phase 2 will be the replacement of trees that had to be removed or are diseased along Windsong Way, once the water/drainage issue is resolved.

The Garden Club:
Do you love to dig in the dirt, the beauty of annual flowers, watching the perennials resurface to life? The Garden Club will be sponsoring a wine/cheese party on April 26th (TENTATIVE) to discuss our planting schedule, landscape design and to get to know our fellow gardeners. Please contact Kathy Milligan at or Mary Palmer if you’re interested. We’d love to have you join us!

By-Laws Review Process:
The board has established a By-Law committee consisting of two board members and two non-board members to review and propose changes to our existing by-laws. Our current by-laws were amended and revised in 2011, but many of the declarations and restrictions that are part of them were written by the developer in 1986. It is time for a thorough review. The committee plans to engage all property owners as the process unfolds later this spring. In the meantime, if you would like to express any issues or concerns, you are encouraged to contact one of the committee members directly.
They are Kurt Krauss, Pat Milligan, John Britton, and Tom Hickey.