Hello Neighbors!
We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Hopefully, the warm weather has allowed you to enjoy more time outdoors. Thank you for doing your part to help keep our neighborhood safe. A special thank you goes out to Madison and Alaina for creating the super fun rock scavenger hunt for our neighbors to complete!

Kona Ice Truck Visit!
We are excited to announce that Kona Ice will be bringing one of their trucks to our neighborhood on Thursday, June 25th, from 5:30-6:30pm. Kona Ice will be following health and safety guidelines, including wearing proper protective gear and reducing the use of multi-touch surfaces (i.e. the employees will pump the ice flavoring instead of each guest doing it themselves). More information will follow in terms of how we will be enforcing physical distancing requirements for those who will be attending.

In between the rain showers, the Garden Club planted many petunias by the decorative gates and along Windsong Way. Under the leadership of Kathy Milligan and Mary Palmer, we assembled many volunteers, including Bonita Krauss, Megan Moses, Linda Murden, Tom Hickey, Joan, Kara and Luke Pavliga, and Audrey Foose. There is still work to be done, as there are perennials to divide and move. Plans are being made to add more perennial color throughout the season. The Garden Club is always happy to have new volunteers, so don’t be shy!

The new Kousa Dogwood trees have been planted at the entrance to Sanctuary Drive. Next spring, we will enjoy their flowery show. Be patient, as it normally takes three years before a newly planted tree takes off. As these trees mature, they will have more of a canopy because they tend to grow more outwards instead of upwards. We thank our neighbors, the Evans and the Babyaks, for allowing the landscapers to access their yards in order to plant the trees on Sanctuary property behind the walls as well as using their water to help establish the trees.

Amending our Bylaws
The board is making good progress on a proposal to amend our current Bylaws. The Bylaw Committee has prepared a draft of Amended & Restated Bylaws which is currently being reviewed by our attorney. They plan to seek board approval later in June and to distribute them to all residents by July 1. In order to adopt the amended bylaws, two-thirds of all property owners must vote to approve them.

A request for directory updates will be distributed with the bylaws as well as a pledge for the Columbus PACE Car Program. The goal of the PACE Car Program is to promote motorist responsibility and roadway safety by reducing speeding on residential streets.

Neighborhood Safety Improvements
The board voted to approve the installation of four small green and white signs to encourage safe driving and parking in our neighborhood. Two signs reading “Please Slow Down” have been placed along Windsong Way. The other two say “Please Don’t Park on the Curve” and were placed at both ends of the Sanctuary Drive/Lake Bluff Drive curve.

Electrical Upgrades
The board is actively working with contractors to repair and upgrade the Sanctuary electrical system. Work should begin soon.

Windsong Way Repaving
Windsong Way is on the city’s to do list for this year. On Wednesday, June 3rd, the city marked and measured the road in anticipation of this project. We look forward to seeing the results in the near future!

  • * * *

Thank you again for all you do to support your neighbors. Look for our next newsletter update this fall, as well as more information about upcoming Fourth of July festivities!