Frequently Asked Questions

How is information shared to the homeowners?
We send critical information to homeowners through standard mail and email but less critical news is also posted to this website’s home page. To know when a news item has been posted to this website, look for a gold yellow sign saying “NEWS UPDATE” hanging from the gate house as you exist our neighborhood. When that sign is up, a news update article has been posted to this website’s home page. 

How to be a good neighbor?
We want the Sanctuary to be a close-knit community where we all look out for each other. Here are some suggestions to help all of us work together to be good neighbors.

Walking your Dog:  Leaving dog feces on the lawns of your neighbors or in the common areas is not acceptable in The Sanctuary. Please be responsible and respectful. Please clean up after your dogs!

Speed Limit:  Contrary to what some of you may think, the Sanctuary is a residential area and not the Mid-Ohio sports car track. The speed limit is 25 MPH. We have a lot of walkers with pets and children playing, be respectful of others safety.

Vehicles Parked on the Street:  On occasion, most of us have had to park one of our vehicles or the vehicle of a guest on the street for a while. Please be sure that you are not blocking access to your neighbor’s driveway, mailbox or are in front of a fire hydrant.  In general, a vehicle should not remain parked in the same spot continuously for more than 72 hours. (Moving it 10 feet down the street doesn’t count).

Parties:  Are wonderful events in our community!  However, too many cars lining both sides of the street can make it difficult for your neighbors to get through and could pose a serious obstacle to the passage of emergency vehicles.  Please ask you guests to park only on one side of the street.

How to help with neighborhood safety?
If you see something or someone that looks suspicious, call the Columbus police. We have posted a new sign along the entry on Windsong advising the soliciting is prohibited in the Sanctuary.  This is primarily to deter individuals from outside of our neighborhood from door-to-door soliciting.  This does not apply to boy scouts, girls scouts, the annual Worthington lacross mulch sale, etc.

Outdoor Lighting: It is desirable to have some exterior lights on at night for safety and to give our neighborhood a welcome feel. But it can also be a challenge to provide appropriate lighting for safety without annoying your neighbors with lights shining in their windows.  So give some thought to which lights really should be on and which are not necessary and/or annoying. You may want to check out the website of the International Dark Sky Organization (www.darksky.org) to learn more about this initiative to reduce light pollution.

How to keep up appearances?
Please do your part for property values in the neighborhood by keeping the exterior of your property looking its best. For example:

  • Mailboxes: Keep your mailbox and exterior light fixtures are in good repair, and replacements should be consistent with the general design “style” of the Sanctuary.
  • Landscaping: Landscaping should be under control to the extent the weather will allow.
  • Objects and Structures: Make sure that large objects, like trampolines, satellite dishes, etc. are not readily visible from the front of your property and aren’t an eye sore to your neighbors.
  • Fences: If you are contemplating putting up a fence, check with your neighbors and the Sanctuary Directors to make sure that your project will be consistent with neighborhood norms.
  • Trash Containers: Trash containers should be placed at the curb late in the day before pick-up and brought back inside by the evening of the day that they are emptied.  We recognize that this may not always be possible for a variety of reasons.  We also recognize that on occasion, it may be necessary to leave your trash container outside next to the house for a few days to avoid making your garage uninhabitable.
  • Driveways Curbs:  Did you know that the section of roadside curb immediately below your driveway is each homeowner’s responsibility. Each homeowner is responsible for the first flanking “curb cut line” outside your driveway entrance, the entire curb section adjacent to your driveway, to the immediate next flanking “curb cut line” outside your driveway entrance. Please have your driveway curbs repaired when necessary.

How is snow removal done in our neighborhood?
Although the Sanctuary is in the Columbus City service area, we seem to be at the very bottom of the priority list for snow removal. Rather than hunkering down in our homes and waiting for spring, we hire a private contractor (out of the operating budget) to dig us out. Our rule-of-thumb for having the contractor plow the streets is a snowfall of approximately 2 inches or more. Salt is applied after plowing if the temperature is anticipated to remain low to prevent slipping and ice buildup.  Salt is not applied if temperatures are anticipated to rise above freezing or if temperatures are forecast to be below zero as salt is less effective.  All salting is done based on the forecast.

Where do we vote for local and national elections?
The Sanctuary is in precinct COLS-71-B.
Our polling location is:

I have problem that requires the city, what should I do?  
The City’s website for information, reporting problems and requesting services can be accessed at www.311.columbus.gov. The general phone number is (614) 645-3111, Monday through Friday 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM.  To report emergencies during non-business hours call: water emergency (614) 645-7788; electrical emergency (614) 645-7627; sewer emergency (614) 645-7102.

When is Trick-or-Treat / Beggars Night in The Sanctuary?
The Sanctuary always follows the schedule for the City of Worthington. Worthington City Council approved a policy that schedules Beggars Night in Worthington on Halloween, October 31st each year, no matter what day Halloween falls on.

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