Sanctuary Master Association

Our Vision
We envision a neighborhood that is considered by residents and non-residents alike to be a desirable place in which to live and enjoy the benefits of family, friends and community.

Our Mission
To enhance our quality of life by maintaining our common areas and upholding our Covenants, Declarations and By-Laws. As representatives of the homeowners, we will take an ethical and objective approach in representing their interests. We will seek out and support initiatives that strengthen resident bonds and will take actions necessary to maintain a safe, friendly & aesthetically pleasing place to live.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Live our shared values – fairness, integrity, thoughtfulness, cooperation, and neighborliness – in all our actions.
  • Treat all issues and residents with respect. Work in a professional and objective manner to resolve issues.
  • Employ good management and sound business practices to make “best judgement” decisions with respect to enhancing the value of our properties as a whole and managing the financial affairs of our association.
  • Actively seek out initiatives that will strengthen neighborly bonds and promote a safe, harmonious and friendly atmosphere where neighbors treat each other with respect and work cooperatively towards the common goal of bettering our community. ​