Referrals for Services & Contractors

This section of our website is for homeowners to share information about service providers that they have used and would like to recommend.

Glenn Moog, real estate agent with Keller Williams
Glenn resides in Worthington!


Mike Hughes, independent insurance agent
Mike resides in The Sanctuary too!



If you live in the neigborhood and would like to recommend a service provider please emails contact us at:

We’re looking for remodeling contractors, landscapers, plumbers, electricians, babysitters, etc.

4 thoughts on “Referrals”

  1. Jim Mitchell said:

    Free Tire Service – On three occasions last year, we picked up nails in our tires which caused them to leak or go flat. Discount Tires (Polaris Parkway and Rte. 232) inspected each one, fixed the problem, and presented us with a zero charge bill and a smile. Needless to say, we bought new tires from them recently because of the great service in the past. The new tire prices were very competitive as well.

  2. Leo Zupan said:

    Has anyone purchased skylight blinds? If so, we would appreciate any general recommendations, as well as specific service -provider recommendations.
    Leo/Cheryl Zupan

  3. For house painting (inside or out) we can recommend McKelvey Decorating. Matt McKelvey and his brother do all the work and are very competent, clean and professional. They have done several homes on Green Springs and we have been very very happy with their work.

  4. McKelvey’s phone number is 740-524-1690

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